Website Design

Today’s customers expect businesses to have a website. There’s no getting around that fact

But what’s a website worth to you if it’s not getting results? Nothing, right? Having a website that no one goes to is like having thousands of brochures sitting in your basement, growing moldy and wasting money. Ask yourself these questions to see if your website is an effective sales tool:

  • Is it easy to use?
  • Have people told you they can’t get around on your website?
  • Are the graphics and animations appealing to the eye?
  • Do the colors match?
  • Is the copy convincing? Or is it just a bunch of boring paragraphs that no cares to read?
  • Do you make sales through your website, but they are few and far between?

Discuss – A Free Consultation
Our Free Consultation is designed to answer a few, targeted questions that should always be answered before designing a website. We’ll also ask you about your business, goals, and competition. With that information in hand, we develop a proposal that will tell you everything we’re going to do as we design your website.

Research – Knowing the Competition
After completing the consultation meeting, we get straight to work. Research is a very important task that has to be completed before the design of any website. Knowing your competition will help us design a better website. We have to improve on what they are doing well and eliminate or change what they are doing wrong. And then, we have to plan for your goals as a business.

Proposal – Showing you What We Can Do
Each proposal we put together is different. Some clients want the whole package, while others may be looking for online marketing or database design only. In any case, your proposal is custom-tailored to your business to bring maximum effect with the greatest efficiency.

Review – Let the Games Begin!
A website design and online marketing can be a serious undertaking. Hopefully, the proposal we put together for you is a great fit for your business. If necessary, we’ll make changes to improve the design process. We take your business as seriously as our own, so once a proposal is approved we dive right into blowing away your competition!

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